Arteq ARMS Desktop

ARMS Desktop: Workstation maintenance with proactive Management 

With our Proactive Management solution ARMS Desktop Arteq will take care of the ICT Management of your desktops. This can be fully outsourced to Arteq, or can be partially done in conjunction with your Systems Management. With ARMS Desktop you get professional support, based on a clear arrangements, so you can concentrate on the core business of your enterprise.

Arteq offers you the possibility to control your workstations in a proactive matter, manage them and perform maintenance when necessary. These services are available per workstation, in monthly subscription.

By proactive management you will lower the risk of downtime or failing workstations, you will reduce the costs of management by eliminating unplanned downtime due to known software failures and you will increase performance and security of your workstations.

What does proactive management offer you?
Your workstation will be controlled 24/7 on network connectivity, resource usage of elementary resources while (software) problems will be prevented through proactive maintenance. Essential update will be applied to the workstations, and every workstation will be equipped with the most actual antivirus/ antispam solution. These are kept up to date automatically, and will scan your workstations periodically so your workstations will always be protected!

Once a month Arteq will supply you with a status update of the workstations which gives you insight in the state of your desktop park, encountered and solved problem and changes in workstations. Arteq will be your full service provider; we not only collect and decipher the data, we also will advise you on the health of your desktop environment and, if wanted, can proactively advise you on actions to prevent possible disruptions.

What are your advantages:

  • The workstation is always up to
  • No high performance workstation for task workers lowering TCO.
  • Lowering costs of systems management; routine tasks are overtaken by automation.
  • No upfront investment in management software, pay-per-use
  • No hidden costs, cristal clear agreements on functionality.
  • Up- and down scaling of workstations under management.
  • Extensible to other services, agnostic to applications in use.
  • Secure your data and your applications with anti-virus protection
  • Secure your employees with  anti-spam protection.
  • Up to date drivers for local printers eliminating the printer
  • Automatic Data back-up of local disks